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Saving lives in the Mediterranean Sea

Greece is in a desperate situation. Thousands of migrants arriving by sea has caused major humanitarian challenges.

Redningsselskapet wanted to contribute with what we do best; an efficient sea rescue.

Early summer 2015, Redningsselskapet offered Norwegian and European governments a rescue boat. On July 26 the rescue vessel «Peter Henry von Koss» was inserted in the rescue work in waters between Turkey and the Greek island of Lesvos.

The rescue vessel is part of the Frontex operation Poseidon. In addition to border monitoring, the mission also includes search and rescue operations. The Norwegian Criminal Investigation Service, NCIS has the operational responsibility for the Norwegian contribution. The vessel is manned by crews from Redningsselskapet, Norwegian police officers and a representative of the Greek authorities. «Peter Henry von Koss« is  equipped with extra rafts which can take up to 150 people in total, in addition to a life boat and rescue scooter.

The mission will last until summer 2016.

-Mennesker reddes om bord i Peter Henry von Koss i Hellas.
A rescue boat and a crew that would assist in rescue work in the largest refugee disaster in modern time. A rescue operation where people fleeing from war, torture and persecution tried to get to a safe haven in Greek waters. Further readning: Den vanskeligste redningsaksjonen (norwegian)

A dramatic rescue operation

The crew on «Peter Henry Von Koss» took on board 122 people in a dramatic rescue off Lesvos in Greece 28th October, 2015. A boat with hundreds on board capsized in rough sea. Two children were already dead when they were taken on board.